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Writing From Around the Covenant in Support of Unity

2 Responses to “Writing From Around the Covenant in Support of Unity”

  1. Laura Frykman

    Excellent reminders from Phil Anderson and Glenn Palmberg that we are a people of inclusive faith, with a history of trusting in our loving relationships above differences of doctrine. We must cherish the humility that knows that the love of God is larger than any merely human thought construct. Doctrines must be interpreted and judged by their ability to express and uphold our mutual relationships of compassion and acceptance, leaving judgment as a personal matter between each believer and his or her God, and their local community of faith. Doctrines should not be worshiped in and of themselves; they are not to be weaponized or seen as semantic expressions that seek to exclude other believers in Christ. We are defined by love and faith, not hatred and fear. May the delegates act in loving faith, with a greater vision of possibilities in mind.

  2. Bonnie Train Summers

    Thank you so much, Laura.

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