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Statement from Rev. Steve Armfield

Steve Armfield


Jan 2018


The statement released by the Evangelical Covenant Church earlier today mentioned another pastor who was suspended for officiating at a same-sex marriage – that of his son. Below is a statement from Rev. Steve Armfield. We ask for your continued prayers for the ECC to find a way and a place for such a faithful, loving servant in this denomination to continue to use his gifts for the glory of God’s kingdom.

In September of 2017 I officiated at the wedding of my son and his partner. As a result I was suspended by the Board of Ordered Ministry. I met with the Board this past Friday and Saturday. The first day was to hear one another and seek shared understanding. The second day was for the Board to offer a decision on my current suspension. The decision of the Board was to uphold and extend my suspension. I am to meet with them again in June of this year at which time further consideration will be given. I am saddened by this decision and will seek to remain in meaningful dialogue over these months. I hope that this will continue a conversation that will be restorative and not punitive. I will attempt to live my life as a husband, father, pastor and follower of Christ in a manner that is faithful to my calling. I will continue to preach and lead in the name of Jesus. I covet your prayers for me and my family, as well as for my colleagues seeking inclusion and reconciliation. I am grateful for my 47 years of ministry in the ECC and look forward to more years of service to come.

3 Responses to “Statement from Rev. Steve Armfield”

  1. Thomas Smith

    I am saddened by the Board of Ordered Ministry’s decision toward both Rev. Armfield and Rev. Peterson but am pleased that neither have been totally rejected by our denomination. I do understand that there are rules and it takes time , discussion, prayer and a joint effort by the church body to wrestle with this issue. But I must also add that I am in full support of both of these individual’s actions and think they have acted out of true compassion and mercy which are true traits of God’s leading in their lives.I pray for further spiritual discernment within the Board of Ordered Minisry and the larger denomination’s membership.

  2. Vida Attah

    Dear Pastor Steve,
    I feel sad at that you have had to go through this trying times. I remember how you with your gentle spirit of wisdom, love, hope and grace guided and helped our congregation to choose forgiveness and seek God’s face. Thanks to your faithful ministry we continue to thrive. I pray for God’s peace and joy for you and Janet and the family. I pray that the Lord will guide the decisions of the church and be more open to inclusion of all people. We love you and miss you here in Stockholm.

  3. Robin Parker

    While I am happy that talks are continuing with both Reverends who are currently suspension, I am hopeful that love and inclusiveness will prevail in the church.

    I am the Christian Mother of a 14 yo gay son, and belong to several support groups of LGBTQ . All of the stories people tell are hauntingly similiar….
    Many kids were fine until around puberty, then emotional distress, then a realization and revelation that they are different from the norm. Then, for many, comes the stigmatization, the ostracism, the rejection by family and friends. It’s not just for the lgbtq person , either. Our family has been rejected by 3 whole branches of family who’ve attacked and /or turned their backs on us, as well as our church and friends. IMaine people you THOUGHT loved you-people you grew up with, prayed with, ate with, celebrated and cried with, just disappearing from your life for no other reason than GOD made you different. No, no, NO! This is NOT a “choice, or a lifestyle”. Who would want the fallout related to declaring you ate LGBTQ?

    All churches, all denominations need to wake up to the realization that scripture has most likely been misinterpreted, and quit demonizing people who, like you, want nothing more than to be loved and accepted for who they are, and worship just like you.

    Please do the right thing. Reinstate these Reverends and change your policies to reflect the live and acceptance that Christ commands of us ALL.

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