Mission Friends for Inclusion

Statement from Rev. Steve Armfield

Steve Armfield


Jan 2018


The statement released by the Evangelical Covenant Church earlier today mentioned another pastor who was suspended for officiating at a same-sex marriage – that of his son. Below is a statement from Rev. Steve Armfield. We ask for your continued prayers for the ECC to find a way and a place for such a faithful, loving servant in this denomination to continue to use his gifts for the glory of God’s kingdom.

In September of 2017 I officiated at the wedding of my son and his partner. As a result I was suspended by the Board of Ordered Ministry. I met with the Board this past Friday and Saturday. The first day was to hear one another and seek shared understanding. The second day was for the Board to offer a decision on my current suspension. The decision of the Board was to uphold and extend my suspension. I am to meet with them again in June of this year at which time further consideration will be given. I am saddened by this decision and will seek to remain in meaningful dialogue over these months. I hope that this will continue a conversation that will be restorative and not punitive. I will attempt to live my life as a husband, father, pastor and follower of Christ in a manner that is faithful to my calling. I will continue to preach and lead in the name of Jesus. I covet your prayers for me and my family, as well as for my colleagues seeking inclusion and reconciliation. I am grateful for my 47 years of ministry in the ECC and look forward to more years of service to come.