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Rev. Dan Collison responds to potential involuntary dismissal

As was mentioned in our last post regarding First Covenant Church Minneapolis (FCCM), the ECC is also reviewing the status of Lead Pastor Rev. Dan Collison’s credential. As we approach the Annual Meeting in Omaha, Rev. Collison has written an open letter addressing the history of how things have gotten to this point. Again, the hope is that all delegates and Covenant clergy will have read this letter (and the links embedded in it) prior to arriving at the Annual Meeting.

11 Responses to “Rev. Dan Collison responds to potential involuntary dismissal”

  1. Marjorie Rudolph

    Thank you for sharing Pastor Dan Collison’s letter to the Covenant with all of us. We needed to know!
    I am sorry for all that he and his family have endured,yet so thankful and grateful for his wisdom,compassion,and strength through these years. There are many of us struggling to remain in the Covenant church,and this will be pivotal in decision making. Thank you

  2. Gloria McDaniel

    God bless you Pastor Collison. As Christians we are taught to not be judgmental and to “love our neighbors as ourselves”. I will be praying for you and your church.

  3. Phillip Ladd

    I stand with Pastor Dan and FCCM. I am ashamed of our denomination’s apparent departure from the “Highly esteemed” respect for Theological diversity. I am concerned that this meeting could be a determining factor as to the future of our denomination. Are we going to keep our Pietist distinctions or become just another “run of the mill” Evangelical church?

  4. mark erickson

    I firmly stand with FCC and Rev. Collison. It is not an oxymoron to be a gay Christian. I’ve been praying, discerning, reading, and talking about this issue for decades with many people. Now the Covie Police will show their hateful faces.

    Mark Erickson
    Baptized at Bethlehem Covenant Church (Mpls, MN)
    Confirmed at Salem Covenant Church (New Brighton, MN)
    Minnehaha Academy ’81
    North Park College ’85
    Member, Ravenswood Covenant Church (Chicago, IL)

  5. Lynda mcgraw

    I have few and limited words, yet my heart is full. It is full for those who are willing to go forth and put forth all of whom they are to look at who we are as as commmunity in Christ. …. Who Christ wants us to be, accept and love ALL of creation. Love is love is love and Christ calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves as well as love an honor the God who crate all of us. I am SO thankful that Dan Collison is willing to talk, deliberate and explain how he sees us to all our life of faith. I am thankful that he has been commmunicative and open through this process. May we all step in to find the love and acceptance that God offers us all. The Covenant has been my home for a of its acceptance and love. I hopefull that is will continue to show God’s love to ALL and to be able to continue to call the Covenant HOME.

  6. Cindy Larson Keale

    I was born and raised in The Covenant. I was baptized at Evanston Covenant Church, confirmed at Northbrook Covenant, attended Covenant Harbor and attended North Park. My parents, Marilyn and David Larson were long time Covenanters and actively involved in their church, North Park, Covenant Harbor and Covenant Children’s Home. My grandparents were Victor and Ethel Person. They were affectionately known as Uncle Vic and Aunt Ethel. My roots are deep, but yet I don’t feel welcome in my own church. I wasn’t able to be married in my church. The Covenant needs to get on the same page as other denominations.

  7. David Ferguson

    Thank you for your letter. I saw Christ in the words. May Christ be seen in the attitudes, actions and decisions made at the annual meeting in Omaha. I am praying and stand with you.

  8. Paul Paige

    A friend just pointed out that something precious was also lost years earlier with the change from “Mission Friends” to “Evangelical Covenant.” This, perhaps unintentionally, moved the focus from social justice to a personal experience of salvation. “As grateful as I am for my heritage, I am also grateful for emotional maturity and a denominational affiliation that stresses the care for others that is part of being a Jesus follower.”

    In its haste, the current leadership has taken shortcuts, bypassed traditional rules of procedure and conduct, ignored the general membership, carried out its deliberations in private, and made its decisions based on emotion and personal agenda. When those affected by these actions offered reasoned responses, the current leadership gnashed their teeth and stopped their ears.
    They have lost their way, and there is no truth in them.

    What would Jesus do?

  9. Craig E Anderson

    This is a shadowed time for the ECC. We have forsaken our pietist roots that say Christ, and Christ alone, is the the singular unifying principle of our fellowship in our church family. It is no longer Christ plus nothing but now Christ plus a particular interpretation on of human sexuality. It is a sad day for many of us.

    In the wideness of God’s mercy,

    Craig E Anderson

  10. James Lindgren

    I think the Covenant has is trying to amend the statement, “I am a friend of all who fear thee,” to say, “I am a friend of all who fear thee unless you are LBGTQ.” This is not the big issue for the church is a world that cages refugee children, has mass incarceration and a widening gap between the rich and the poor. Our leadership needs to unite us rather than divide us as many of the rulers of our country are trying to do. Christianity is not a tribal religion.

  11. Kelly Ballard

    The (gravely important) spark might be the question of inclusion/equity, but this flame seems to be how individuals and institutions discuss and process.

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