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New Year’s Eve Prayer



Dec 2017


Oh, God, draw near to us now.

This has been a tough week for many of us.

Some of us are in shock. Many of us are hurt, angry, and confused.

We mourn the loss of a spiritual leader. We mourn the conflict experienced by a beloved institution for generations. We mourn the turmoil swirling around a denomination we thought we understood.

We are troubled by the hurtful, spiteful comments made by one Christian to another. We worry about divisiveness. We feel lost, God, overwhelmed and fearful for the future.

Oh, God, draw near to us now.

We raise to you our broken hearts and shattered dreams. This prayer, right here, is not a time for blame nor casting aspersions. This is a time, great God, when we call on you for solace and discernment.

We hold onto your promises, Oh God, you who calls us to sacrifice in your name for your glory, you who longs for us to be united in your love, and you who offers us hope in a broken world populated by broken individuals and redeemed by broken people.

Dear God, let us not lose hope when what we love has broken. Rather, let us have faith that you are in this place, and that you have called us to be in this place with you and with each other to serve you.

Oh, God, draw near to us now.

Let us be humble with each other. Let us listen and ask questions. Let us share our stories, the deep truths of our lives. Let us hear others’ stories without accusations or judgment.

Great God, you have shepherded us and our denomination through many fierce and wild storms before. We know you will not abandon us to be overwhelmed by great darkness. We know your light shines strong and the darkness will not overcome it.

In this time of pain and upheaval, come to each of us, comfort us, lead us, and help us work for justice and for your glory in and through these times.

Tomorrow heralds a New Year. May we be faithful to your call to stand united. May we remember how to treat each other charitably. May we welcome this year with a steady faith that you will guard and bless this denomination as we navigate this storm.

Bless all of us and the Covenant. May we learn how to work together for your glory and our neighbors’ good.

We follow your light into this New Year. May we be found worthy to be called yours.

Prayer by MF4i board, Photo Credit: Kelsey Stevens Photography

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  1. Ellen Kogstad

    Thank you for this rich prayer. I will return to it often as 2018 begins.

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