Mission Friends for Inclusion

Is it important to attend Annual Meeting?

A friend asked one of us if it was important for her to attend Gather in Omaha, Nebraska during June 27-29, 2019. Will the topic of human sexuality come up?

The answer to the first question is YES–it is important to attend the Annual Meeting if you can and if your church approves you to be a delegate. Delegates vote on items that are vitally important to the work The Evangelical Covenant Church does to bring glory to the Kingdom of God. The ECC also has a number of new administrators, and some more yet to be nominated for election. To be able to meet and hear from them is crucial in our ongoing relationship with each other. Delegates usually share back to their congregations news and prayer concerns regarding the work the Covenant is doing around the world.

We do not know if the topic of human sexuality will explicitly come up during the meeting, but there is always a strong possibility it will in some way or another. We do know that the conversations that happen between delegates are some of the richest moments in the Annual Meeting experience. Many delegates ask heartfelt, honest questions. Sharing and hearing stories of pain and forgiveness, sorrow and hope, and grace and forbearance is a highlight for those of us who have previously attended.

Registration opens March 1. Consider asking your church if you could be a delegate. Please do not delay. Churches usually have a process that may take some time.

We hope you will attend; we’ll see you there!