Mission Friends for Inclusion

How do we define “Inclusion”?


Dec 2017


We are companions of all who desire to follow Christ, regardless of age, ethnicity, national origin, physical or mental ability, economic status, education, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or station in life. We believe that LGBTQ individuals are part of the priesthood of believers with God-given gifts to be used for the glory of God’s kingdom. We believe LGBTQ individuals, single or married, should have the same rights in the Church as straight/cisgender persons, including but not limited to membership, communion, leadership, marriage in the Covenant church performed by their own pastor, and the ability to serve as pastors.

We believe the church should be a place where everyone belongs, where no one is excluded, and where the love of God is shown and experienced. Because we are rooted in Covenant freedom, we are not inclusive of one group at the expense of another. We joyfully sit at Christ’s table with Covenanters who may disagree with us. MF4i rejects any kind of division. We work and pray for unity under the banner of Christ’s sacrifice and love for his children.

The Covenant best lives up to its name, history, and mission when it is inclusive and diverse. We have been called to work for justice, to celebrate each person, and to pray for our denomination and its leaders. We would love to have you join us on this journey.

This essay is part of a series elaborating on the goals of Mission Friends 4 Inclusion. Please share with anyone who may be interested. If you’d like to contribute to our ongoing efforts to help the Evangelical Covenant Church be a more hospitable place for LGBTQ people, please consider donating.

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