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Gather 2019

It is important for our LGBTQ family and allies to connect at this year’s Annual Meeting: Gather 2019. Gather will be held in Omaha, Nebraska, at the Hilton Omaha from June 27-29.

If you are registered as a delegate or if you will be in Omaha, we would love to get in touch with you! Please fill out the form below so that we can keep you updated before and during the meeting.

6 Responses to “Gather 2019”

  1. Bob Weideman

    I am a lay person from 1st Cov. Minneapolis. I was at last years Annual Meeting, but I will not be at this years. I am not a delegate, although we will send delegates to the meeting. As you probably know, they will probably be voting to kick our church out of the Cov. denomination for being inclusive for all!!! A first for the Covenant. God bless you for your work.

  2. Steve Armfield

    I will be at the Annual Meeting to meet with the Board of Ordered Ministry. I am a suspended Covenant pastor

  3. Linda C. Kayser

    I have a $305 per night room a the hotel. Do you know any other late registrars who might want to share?

  4. Karen Nilson

    A small group of us are working to bring the film “Steadfast” to Omaha. I am the filmmaker.
    This documentary tells the story of a Covenant mom, navigating her experience as the parent of a gay son through the 1990’s to the present. Looking forward to the Midwest Premiere, in the great city of Omaha.

  5. Mark Nilson

    Deeply distressed over yesterday’s announcement by Executive Board. Our church is grieved by the actions taken thus far. Look forward to being together in Omaha. I’m proud of my church Salem Covenant, Worcester and the beautiful work of “Steadfast” created by my sister. I hope that “Steadfast” will receive an expansive viewing on Saturday. I believe it is an important and powerful story that can be extremely valuable to churches and individuals across the spectrum.

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