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Gather 2018


May 2018


As we navigate this tense time in our denomination, it will be important for our LGBTQ family and allies to connect at this year’s Annual Meeting: Gather 2018. Gather will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the Marriott City Center from June 21-23.

If you are registered as a delegate or if you will be in Minneapolis, we would love to get in touch with you! Please fill out the form below so that we can keep you updated before and during the meeting.

11 Responses to “Gather 2018”

  1. Glenn Palmberg

    I am not a delegate but as President Emeritus I have voice but no vote at the Annual Meeting.

  2. Gavin

    I’m ordained ECC but a layperson at my church. I’m possibly coming to the ministerium annual meeting. Not set yet.

  3. Larry Kamphausen

    As a pastor ordained for a ministry outside the Covenant i will be at the Ministerium meeting but I cannot serve as a delegate, and did not have the funds to pay to attend as a general conferee.
    But I am planning to be around for the whole time.

  4. Jim Ecklund

    I’m “retired” and not a delegate, and am unsure today whether I’ll make it to Minneapolis but want to be kept in the loop as to what seems to be happening to this denomination I have loved.

  5. Sagrid Edman

    I have watched this situation develop over many years. I am long retired and can’t promise to attend meetings. But I am praying for wisdom and careful decisions. The place the Cov finds itself in is a difficult one and I am concerned about the discord it has and will engender.

  6. Jim Ecklund

    Update – am now planning to be there for the Ministerium Meeting.

  7. Cathy Johnson

    I am a registered delegate and I plan to attend both the Ministerium and Annual mtgs. My question is, will there be any opportunities to bring the current issues to a vote?

  8. missionfriends4i

    Hi Cathy,

    We do believe some of these issues may come up for a vote at one or both of the Annual Meetings. It’s hard to tell which, how, or when, though.

  9. Greta Lagerberg

    Hoping to meet with MF4I at Gather 18. I haven’t received any info about any meetings with MF4I, gatherings, tc. I certainly want to make connectns with those involved while in Minneolis. Please advise who and how I can meet with you. Thanks. Greta Lagerberg. 785-826-7553

  10. Emily Hayden

    I will be there with my husband, John, as The Delegate. I am a “conferee”. I have no vote, no status, and probably no credibility, but will gladly stand with mf4i and help hold your banner! How anyone can stand before God someday and say they “dissed” thousands of His children instead of just loving them, is beyond me.

  11. James A. Anderson

    I am not in Mpls. nor can I be at either of the meetings. I’m retired after 43 years of pastoral ministry within the Covenant and dozens of Annual Meetings, some quite crucial, most quite ordinary. I’m decidedly interested in knowing what takes place at these Annual Meetings, whether they will be among the crucial ones or if the ball will be kicked down the field to be handled later on in the game, the issues still moot.

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