Mission Friends for Inclusion

ECC Statement on Board of Ordered Ministry Hearings

Dear friends,

The Evangelical Covenant Church just shared this statement regarding Pastors Judy Howard Peterson and Steve Armfield. In addition, North Park University has authorized us to share the following:

“Pastor Judy and NPU (Carl Balsam, Interim President) are committed to meet in the days ahead, beginning Monday, to discern constructive paths forward. Please pray for wisdom that God would lead all conversations.”

We know that this is not the news many of us hoped for, yet we are still grateful. We are grateful for all of your comments and prayers. We are grateful for the Board of Ordered Ministry and North Park University for taking our petition and your stories seriously. We are grateful for Pastor Judy and her actions.

We remember what Pastor Judy said Friday night at North Park Covenant Church: “Jesus is going to walk with us and he knows where he wants all of us to go.” She reminded us not to be discouraged. And she prayed, “Teach us your Spirit. Help us to follow your voice. Through these tumultuous times, we need to hear you… Guide us Holy Spirit.”

We ask you to join us in praying for Judy, Steve, NPU and the ECC. Our commitment to inclusion in the ECC is steadfast.

Check back later for more details on how you can stay involved.

Guide us, Holy Spirit. Amen.