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Where is it written?


Jan 2018


Where Is It Written?

The “Where Is It Written?” document below was written by retired Covenant pastor, Herbert Hedstrom and is shared with his permission. We hope it will be helpful as we Covenanters grapple with understanding the complex nuances of what it means to be Christian and Covenant. “Where is it written?” or “What do the Scriptures ...

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Jul 2016


Why We Supported the Re-election of President Gary Walter

Two weeks ago, we urged the delegates of the 2016 Annual Meeting to vote “yes” to re-elect President Gary Walter. Krista Brumberg Stevens read the following statement explaining why.

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Jun 2016


Our Statement on Orlando

by MF4i   It was with great sorrow that we learned of yet another senseless act of harm upon innocents in our country. We are saddened and broken-hearted as we think about our LGBTQ brothers and sisters who were wounded and those whose lives came to such an abrupt and harrowing end in Orlando. We […]

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