Mission Friends for Inclusion

Our Logo


W e are so grateful to Tyler Krumland for sharing his talents with us and designing our logo. Here are his thoughts about the design process and meaning of the logo.


Tyler Krumland

“When I was first asked to create a logo for the Mission Friends group I have to admit I was very intimidated. I didn’t want to be the one to do it and felt there had to be someone else out there who could do a better job. Trying to create something that represents such a large gamut of people is daunting. What if I left someone out or someone felt misrepresented I worried. But rather than letting my worry get the best of me I prayed for the Holy Spirits guidance and began to brainstorm, draw, and think. Growing up in the Covenant I remember the logo of four people around a table. Often times jokingly referred to as four men in a hot tub. I wanted something that continued that tradition of people meeting together but I wanted it to be more inclusive of gender and people in general. I also believed the cross needed to be at the center. After all it is Christ’s radical example of reconciling love that compels us all to fight for a more inclusive ECC. At first I had four figures. Two men and two women. It still felt limited so I looked for a way to display a wider range of diversity both in appearance and gender within the image. There being six colors in the rainbow I chose to go with six people each with a different shape and color. It’s my hope that this image can be in a way prophetic of what the Covenant could be like. That we could be reminded that even though we have differences both in opinion as well as identity we can still come together finding commonality in our love and service for Christ. We can be a church body that celebrates creation in all forms regardless of gender, skin color, or orientation. Believing all have been created in God’s image, unique, beautiful, and called beloved.”


Tyler also shared his powerful story at the MF4i gathering at Midwinter 2015 in Denver. We encourage you to watch it!